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Metabolic Diseases Impair Millions of Lives

There is a large and growing global patient population without approved therapies. In 2020, one in three US adults were considered obese. By 2030, one in two adults will be considered obese. Not surprisingly, 90% of liver disease occurs in obese adults.


Obesity is the main cause of disrupted metabolism. Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), which affects 16-20 million US adults, is a serious liver disease triggered by disrupted metabolism. NASH is becoming the number one reason for a liver transplant.


Traditional approaches have resulted in no NASH drugs over the last 40 years. Drug candidates are targeting one molecular pathway without addressing the complexity of NASH.

Britecyte's approach is different from drugs and cell therapies in development. We are developing a biologic therapy that targets multiple pathways in NASH and disrupted metabolism in adipose tissue, the root cause of NASH.

Britecyte’s effort to develop a novel adipose-based therapy for NASH is supported by the Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund (Grant: 2022-MSCRFCO-5921).

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