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Liposana is a cryopreserved human adipose tissue allograft that is used for the repair, replacement, or reconstruction of adipose defects.

All tissue is recovered and processed under aseptic conditions from carefully screened donors as per the relevant federal and state regulations.

Liposana™ is processed in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 1271 and tested for sterility per USP<71>.

Liposana™ retains the native structure and inherent properties of adipose tissue.

Liposana™ is subcutaneously implanted in areas of adipose tissue defects (e.g., fat pad atrophy for patients with or without ulcers).



Images of H&E-stained human adipose tissue samples at 20x magnification:[1]

Fresh Adipose Tissue

Liposana Post Thaw

About Adipose Tissue

The subcutaneous layer of the skin (a layer between the dermis and the underlying tissues and organs) is comprised of adipose tissue. Adipose provides structural support for the skin and protects the underlying tissues and internal organs.[2] Fat pad atrophy is a condition that refers to the thinning or loss of adipose tissue on the plantar surface of the foot. As a result, excessive pressure in the affected areas could lead to significant pain and disability,[3] including possible damage to the surrounding musculoskeletal tissues and the development of foot ulcers.[4] Liposana is a natural off-the-shelf solution for adipose tissue defects including fat pad reconstructions.

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